Schedule and Heat Draws for Championships

Here is the schedule and heat draws for this weekends Salt Life WSA West Coast Championships. Please remember these are 4 man heats seeded based on best 5 regular season events. Some divisions have higher rated surfers seeded into round two. Heat times are not on the heat draws. You need to look at the draw and find the…

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Salt Life WSA Hoppy Swarts Memorial West Coast Championships

If you have points for 5 or more events you are eligible to surf in the Salt Life WSA Hoppy Swarts Memorial West Coast Championships May 14 & 15, 2016 at Church Beach, San Onofre State Beach. All divisions need to plan on surfing both Saturday and Sunday. Do not sign up for divisions in which you have not received…

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Huge whack to setup turn to barrel. @nico_coli doing work in his final

Uh - wow! Makai

Kids having a blast at the SunBum ping-pong table

Micros throwing spray what?!

Lil Hercules with a 6 ft air-drop

Tour boat passengers getting a nice reverse look at Taros wave

Luke winning his heat

The groms are charging so hard today

Jules cutting down the wall on a set wave